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When your latest project is done, we'll handle the clean up so you can have fun!

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Post Construction Cleaning Services

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After a new house renovation or damage restoration project is complete, the last thing you want to do is worry about the clean up. On the contrary, you and your family are excited to get back into your comfortable home, enjoying the improvements you’ve eagerly anticipated for some time. But, post construction clean up needs to happen immediately, especially with hazards such as rusty nails, screws and leftover building materials laying around, not to mention all of the dust and particles that reduce air quality. Who can you call to tackle the mess with experienced precision?

Herring Cleaning & Restoration is your go-to full range restoration company that can efficiently clear up a construction site to leave your property in immaculate condition. Since 1978, we’ve honed our skills through vast experience to offer quality strategies that we know truly work. Today, we are the leading restoration and cleaning company in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas.

At Herring Cleaning & Restoration, LLC., our No. 1 priority is to help make your life a little bit easier by being the reliable source you can turn to for all post construction clean up demands, from sending a certified team to providing the best equipment. We always work closely with our customers to develop a detailed action plan that is communicative, accurate and affordable, according to their unique needs. 

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And That’s Not All….

Demolition: If you’re in need of special equipment to knock down a structure, we can provide the right tools along with a licensed and insured team of demolition specialists. 

Debris Removal: Where can you dump obscure debris after a storm or construction project? Leave it to us. We know the rules and regulations concerning debris removal and can make sure it’s safely transported to the right location.

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