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The Best Demolition Team in Northeast Florida, Hands Down

Demolition services are needed when a property owner (business or residential) needs to knock down a structure. This can be anything from a few walls to an entire building. After water or fire damage leaves their devastating mark on a building, a demolition team will be called in to expertly remove burned or broken materials. It's a meticulous job that requires the eye of a team experienced with disaster restoration, for the sake of health and safety.

Herring Cleaning & Restoration specializes in all levels of restoration, which includes demolition services. We have been serving the Jacksonville community for decades, helping tear down damaged homes with efficiency, before beginning the process of getting them back in phenomenal shape. The thought of watching your family home getting reduced to rubble can be overwhelming sometimes, not to mention understanding how to navigate the rules and regulations associated with this type of procedure. We work closely with our customers to ensure all of their questions and concerns are addressed throughout the process.

We provide everything you need all in one place, utilizing the latest technically advanced techniques and equipment to get the job done with seamless precision. Our team is specially trained to perform small to large scale demolition services, with safety as the top priority. Our rates are competitive and our long-standing reputation for providing outstanding customer service is evident in our decades of successful operation. Contact us today!

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