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We can help you put the pieces back together after fire & smoke damages your home.

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Fire & Smoke Restoration Services

Northeast Florida’s Trusted Fire Restoration Experts

The unexpected devastation caused by a fire goes way beyond the stress of property damage. Imagine coming home to find that important documents, family photographs and other precious items have gone up in smoke. It’s a traumatizing experience that can leave you feeling emotionally overwhelmed and unsure about the future. 

 Herring Cleaning & Restoration, LLC. is the company that locals turn to for all of their restoration needs. Florida is prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes, lightning storms and brush fires. We have been restoring fire damaged residential and commercial properties since 1978, with years of proven experience in the field.

We understand what you and your family are going through during this difficult and confusing time. That’s why we are committed to helping you overcome these challenges by restoring your home quickly, so it is safe and comfortable once more. We always work closely with our customers to develop an extensive action plan that is communicative, accurate and affordable, according to their unique needs. 

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What is Fire Damage Restoration?

Here is a quick breakdown of what you can expect when you call Herring Cleaning & Restoration for fire restoration services.

Inspect: As soon as you call us, we will dispatch one of our licensed fire restoration specialists to conduct a full inspection of the damages. 

Remove: Next, we independently remove everything from the property, safely disposing of any items that are unsafe. Every job is different and requires different services based on specific needs. Herring provides 97,000 sq foot of climate controlled storage to store your personal property until the restoration process is complete.

Restore: It’s time for our team to come in and help prepare your property for repairs. This includes general demolition, removing flooring and or building materials that are damaged by fire. Treating the area for contamination and removing the soot by providing a structural clean.

Clean: After the general contractor has provided services and completed all repairs. Herring will provide a post construction cleaning prior to contents being returned and reset.

Satisfaction: Our favorite part of the process- seeing the joy and happiness on our customers faces after viewing a freshly restored property. Each home has their personal property returned, reset and unpacked as if there were no damage prior to. That’s how we know we’ve truly made a difference in the community by helping our neighbors find peace after a fire. 

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