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Since 1978 we’ve helped families with restoration needs arising from water damage, fire & smoke damage, mold remediation and more.

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Herring Cleaning & Restoration, LLC. is the top restoration company in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia

It went virtually flawlessly. Any minor issues were dealt with in a proper and timely manner. We highly recommend Herring based on our successful experience!

Michael Loprieno

They cleaned ceiling fans and lights, all of the woodwork, every flat surface, all the blinds, the books and shelves that go to the peak of my cathedral ceiling, mirrors, windows, doors, floors - EVERYTHING!  Great job!  I also wanted to say these were the nicest people.

ms mk

I highly recommend Herring Cleaning & Restoration based on a fateful meeting in the garage of our condo building. There weren't many reviews of this company but we had a water damage situation which requires timely action (dehumidifiers & air movers) to avoid mold growth.

Deb Johnson

Everything went very well!! They saved some items of great sentiment value and I appreciate all the hard work they did.


We highly recommend Herring Cleaning Inc.!!! They are professional, courteous and followed through with every single detail they promised us. We had a major flood in our home. It was horrific. The excellent care we received in what could have been a catastrophic event was quite remarkable to say the least.

Kimberley Kinzig

I first came across Herring Cleaning and Restoration while doing a large high end remodel. The homeowner requested a clean twice a week by Herring, even before the drywall was up. They kept us a hospital like job site the entire way through completion. This customer retained their services once a week for house cleaning after the project was done, and has been happy ever since. On another project, we had a house fire in a 10 million dollar home with vintage wallpaper everywhere. The insurance company sent out another Restoration company that did a poor job. I hired Herring to take care of the rest and they did such a good job, that the homeowners never smelled smoke again. They wiped every square inch of the 7,000 sq ft home. The customers that had the fire now use Herring as their home cleaning service. I also use them for my cleaning at home. My two boys under 4 years old love when they come, and are so happy to show mommy and daddy their playroom all organized and cleaned when we get home. All of the customers, including my wife and I, love all of the different crews. They are willing, have great attitudes, and I've never heard one of them complain. I can't speak highly enough about Herring. I'm glad we crossed paths because I never have a problem when I refer them. Instead I get a "thanks" from everybody. They do all of my cleanings after we finish a big remodel and it makes us feel good about our project, and gives the customer a nice new clean home to move into.

Description of work:

Construction Cleaning, House Cleaning, Fire/Smoke/Water damage

David Osborn

Awesome attention to detail, delightful, helpful and hardworking crew made a difficult job much easier.  I highly recommend this company.

Debby Melnyk

When the Going Gets Tough...

Your home is your fortress...until a hurricane hits or an unexpected fire destroys cherished belongings. Natural disasters happen every day, everywhere, and the aftermath can be emotionally and financially devastating. Where do you even begin or who can you trust when it comes to fixing the damages and finding peace in your home again?

Turn to Herring Cleaning & Restoration- The Largest Restoration Company in Jacksonville

Herring Cleaning & Restoration, LLC. specializes in Fire Restoration and Water Damage Restoration Services as well as Janitorial, Residential and Commercial Clean up. Our exceptional team of experts have decades of combined experience dealing with all manners of home damage- and you can believe we’ve seen it all!  Our knowledgeable representatives are on call 24/7 to respond quickly, so you can focus on getting back to your daily life while we handle the crisis. Before you know it your home is restored as if the damage never occurred. 

Committed to your safety & satisfaction

Herring Cleaning & Restoration, LLC. is a local, family run business that has provided outstanding service in Northeast, FL since 1978. We strive to take care of our neighbors by handling all of their restoration needs that arise from water damage, fire and smoke damage, mold remediation and more.  

Our team is comprised of only the best technicians in the industry who have undergone extensive training and are certified for safety. Since 1978 we have perfected the remediation process. Molding our company to think outside-the-box, seeing every job as a different challenge through and delivering personalized service to our clients so they feel less stress during the restoration process. 

On top of our outstanding service you can trust that...

* Our clean-up services will always make sure our clients are completely satisfied.
* We have fair, very competitive and often lower prices for some services in the area.

If your home or business has been in a flood, a fire, or has suffered from a tree fall, burst pipes or any other type of water damage contact Herring Cleaning & Restoration and we'll take care of it with professionalism and a job well done.

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