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Your Safety & Satisfaction Are Our Top Priorities

Herring Cleaning & Restoration is a local, family run business that has provided outstanding service in Northeast, FL since 1978. Not only can we take care of all types of disaster restoration needs resulting from water damage, fire and mold, but we also offer a vast array of specialized cleaning services for residential and commercial properties. When life throws you a curve ball, have our phone number on speed dial to get the exact help you need all in one reliable place!

Our team is comprised of only the best technicians in the industry who have undergone extensive training and are certified for safety. Part of our approach with every house restoration challenge is to fix the root problem so that you never have to worry again. Temporary fixes are just band aids that are a waste of time and money for everyone! Over the years we have learned what works and what doesn’t, shaping our company to think outside-the-box, see every challenge through and deliver personalized service to our clients so they feel less stress during the restoration process. 

Don’t Let Disaster Bring You Down! 

There is a name you can trust to treat you with compassion, respect and urgency during a time of crisis. Herring Cleaning & Restoration is here for YOU and your family, with excellent work and fair prices that our past customers can attest to. Contact us today! 

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