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Toxic mold poses a serious health risk, but we know how to get rid of it for good.

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Mold is a sneaky infestation that can spread after a water damage incident in your home. Sometimes you can’t even tell it’s there, hidden behind your walls and spreading quickly wherever moisture is present. Not only is mold unsightly and highly damaging, but it poses a huge health risk. Air quality is compromised, leaving your family breathing in harmful spores that can lead to serious illness if mold is left unchecked.

Even if you notice just a pinch of mold in your home, you need to call Herring Cleaning & Restoration, LLC. pronto! That’s because mold spreads fast and it needs to be treated at the source. A mold infestation occurs when there is too much humidity present in the home environment. You might have water damage that needs immediate attention in order to clear the air and stop mold in its tracks. 

Herring Cleaning & Restoration is the leading restoration company in Northeast, FL that you can trust to remediate mold in residential and commercial properties. Through years of experience, we know exactly how to address all and any mold problems to ensure a safe and healthy environment. 

At Herring Cleaning & Restoration, LLC. our No. 1 priority is to help you find relief by restoring your home quickly so your family can breathe fresh air and you can rest easy knowing your walls aren’t contaminated with mold. We always work closely with our customers to develop a detailed action plan that is communicative, accurate and affordable, according to their unique needs. 

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How Can I Get Rid of Mold?

Here is a quick breakdown of what you can expect when you call Herring Cleaning & Restoration for mold remediation.

Inspect: As soon as you call us, we will dispatch one of our licensed mold remediation specialists to conduct a full inspection of the damages and pinpoint every single bit of mold. If it’s hiding, we’ll find it with state-of-the-art moisture sensors, meters and thermo-hygrometer. 

Remove: Next, we independently remove personal belongings from the affected area, disposing of any items that are unsafe. We have 97,000 sq feet climate controlled storage to store your personal property until the restoration process is complete.

Restore: It’s time for our team to come in, contain required areas, remove and dispose of contaminated materials properly. We supply required equipment, cleaning products, and dehumidifying process to remove and remediate properly. 

Clean: After the general contractor has provided their services and completed all repairs. Herring will provide a post construction cleaning prior to contents being returned and reset if necessary.

Satisfaction: Our favorite part of the process- seeing the joy and happiness on our customers faces after viewing a freshly restored property. Each home has their personal property returned, reset and unpacked as if there were no damage prior to. That’s how we know we’ve truly made a difference in the community by helping our neighbors find peace after mold remediation.

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